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Advocacy is More Effective When You Have Allies

We're Here to Assist You in Your Advocacy

Lanihuli Home & Community Services is a private, family-owned organization providing individualized residential foster care, community services, and respite care for adults with intellectual or mental disabilities.

We’ve helped hundreds of caseworkers and caregivers become effective advocates for their clients or loved ones.
Lanihuli is a leader in the field of in-home care in Bountiful and St. George, Utah. Our inclusive programs and family-based foster homes are designed to stabilize and empower the quality of life, making Lanihuli a trusted resource for caregivers and social workers.

Living Pono

Our wholistic approach to caregiving creates a sense of belonging for both our clients and their caretakers. We believe “living Pono”, a life of consistently and consciously choosing to do the right thing for oneself, others, and the environment, leads to happy outcomes.

Supporting Others in Adapting to Life’s Challenges

We offer peace of mind to caretakers and caseworkers alike who feel good about referring their clients or loved ones to an agency where they will be safe, welcomed into a family, and have a real chance at living their best life.