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It's Good to Be Home

Foster Homes & Community Services for Adults with Developmental or Mental Disabilities.

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Helping Your Loved Ones Live Their Best Lives

Lanihuli is dedicated to empowering adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are a trusted agency among social workers and caretakers who want to see their clients or loved ones thrive.

We aim for outcomes that are full of GOODNESS. We provide loving adult foster homes and community services that support day-to-day living in an environment your loved ones can call home.

Locations: Bountiful, UT; St. George, UT


Belonging Matters

We understand that a supportive family provides a vital sense of belonging and security, in ALL walks of life. This is especially true for adults with special needs. Their life experience can feel extremely scary and lonely when they don’t fit in anywhere.

We want to put your mind at ease. As descendants of a Polynesian culture that fosters strong family ties, we value taking care of loved ones and those with unique needs. We’ve empowered hundreds of social workers, families, and caretakers by providing loving foster homes and compassionate community services. We can help you too.


Your Family is Our Family

We’re proud to come from a culture where family is paramount and wholesome community living envelopes our lives. Like our Polynesian ancestors, we believe every breath of life is sacred which is why we embrace our residents and clients with the same warmth and understanding we offer our own family members.

Lanihuli is more than an agency of certified caregivers. We are family.

Help Your Client or Loved One Get the Support They Need

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